Friday, October 11, 2013

dinosaur eater



 Have you ever gotten so scared you thought you were going to die? About 110 million years dinosaurs shook in their boots, as a forty foot long reptile named super crocodile, weighing 8 tons, chomped off the dinosaurs heads.  With its huge jaw filled with 132 jagged teeth, the croc bit into the dinosaurs, and dragged the dino bodies in the water. Then continued enjoys its meal. Not even a t-Rex stands a chance. This crocidle is named Super Croc because its skull is 6 ft long , it weighs 8 tons and is 40 ft long. The super croc lived in Africa, which is now a dessert, but it was like a rain forest years ago when these animals lived. Super crocs ate dinosaurs, fish, and turtlse. It look likes the t-Rex is now second in the food change.
I though it was fake at first till i watched this video. At least people weren't alive back then or else super croc would have made us extinct. One artical that i read, says super croc has about 5 cousins. But they are a lot smaller then super croc. Fortunatel,y super croc is distinct.Thank goodness, we will never have to experience this distort again. According to Winkler, ''disease or disaster could have wiped the spices out pretty quick. I think super croc is very interesting to learn and read about.

                                            Top 10 Pictures Of Super Croc 

men showing how big super croc is

person compare to super croc
families head in super crocs head.
a persons skull compared to super crocs

super croc in natural habitat 

Super Croc eating a dinosaurs remains

Super Croc skeleton 


life size model of a super croc
Super croc fights dinosaur
comparison between adult crocodile skull today and a super croc skull

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