Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dear mom,
You are the best mom in the world. I simply can't live without you. All the singing in the car makes me think about you and I say WOW I bet no one has a mom this cool and beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter because I know you do a whole lot for our family. I would like to propose the ideal that I can be given the chance to go to the mall every active friday night. Going to the mall every Friday would teach me to be responsible, help me to manage my money, keep me veryve, and help me to keep my room clean. I know what you're thinking... what? how? but just keep reading, you'll understand soon.

Going to the mall every Friday would teach me to be responsible. It will teach me that because I will have to take care of myself.  When I am at the mall I have the opportunity to buy my own food if I’m hungry as well as gifts for others.  This allows me to make my own decisions for myself so that I can be prepared for hard choices later in life. I will text you/dad every hour to let you know I am ok maybe every 30 minutes. I know you worry a lot but I'm getting older and more mature to do stuff my self. You have to give me chances to be responsible grow up or else I will stay irresponsible. I understand how you feel believe me I do it with cadence about different things thats make me think shes going to be unsafe.

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